Sub Compact Hire Car




One of the challenges when choosing your rental car can be – do I have the right vehicle?  Am I hiring a car that will suit my needs and do everything I want it to do on my holiday? That is why we are always happy to answer any questions you might have on your rental car prior to making a booking.

Our small vehicle rentals, also referred to as “Sub-Compact” hires, are generally a Nissan Note, Mazda Demio (sometimes called a Mazda 2) or a Toyota Vitz.  Most of these vehicles are 5 door hatchbacks powered by 1100 cc or 1300 cc engines. Almost all of them are automatics – which can take the worry of changing gears out of hiring a car.

The small vehicle rentals from our fleet are really fuel efficient – oftentimes you can travel 600km or more on a single tank of fuel when hiring one of these cars, although this does depend on where you are going and how you drive.

These cars can fit 4 regular size adults with a large bag and a small amount of soft luggage, alternatively for two people travelling you will fit some large suitcases and your carry-on baggage.

Many families travelling with small children will hire one of these cars – and we are able to provide approved car seats for the children.  The cars themselves are very manoeuvrable – being easy to drive around our beautifully scenic (but windy) roads and also are very easy to park.

If you prefer a manual as a small vehicle rental – please do be sure to ask, as, at times, we will have manual cars available for hire by special request.    If you want a little more space than is offered by a small rental car – you can take a look at our most popular rental car – the compact category.

Anyone of these small cars is a great way to either see the South Island on a holiday, or as a runabout if you are hiring a car in Christchurch to attend meetings, catch up with family or any one of the other myriad of reasons you might like the convenience of a rental car.

If you are unsure whether this is the right car to hire for your needs – we would strongly encourage you to drop us an email and ask – we are always happy to discuss your plans and see if we can recommend the best possible rental car to meet your needs!

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