People Movers




If you’re holidaying with the family, or simply travelling as part of a larger group of friends, hiring a people mover might be just the ticket.  We have a range of MPVs available for rent that includes the wonderfully reliable Toyota Estima (Tarago) in both 7 and 8 seater configurations and the hugely spacious Nissan Elgrand.  If you’re really travelling with a LOT of luggage, some of these vehicles DO have towbars – allowing you to hire a luggage trailer as part of the deal.

With the 7 seater Toyota Estima, the middle row offers “captains seats” (2 individual seats) – which some people love as it gives space and comfort – perfect if you are travelling with an infant (we do offer baby capsules for hire), two school aged children (keep them separate) or friends hiring a car together.

The big advantage of hiring an Elgrand minivan is the amount of luggage you can fit into the car.  Even with a full complement of 8 passengers there is still space for 6 large pieces of luggage and some soft hand-carry bags.   We have found the Elgrand to be particularly popular with clubs, teams and societies as they are much easier to drive than renting a minibus and also deliver more of a luxurious feel.

We’ve also had some very fit athletes that have hired the Elgrand to participate in the Coast to Coast – for this we fitted roof racks / roof bars to the car so that they could carry a Kayak.  This really emphasises our motto of car hire that is fun, fast, friendly and convenient. If you share your plans with us about why you would like a rental car, and what your goal is we are very happy to do whatever we can to make your trip a success.

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