Minibus Rentals



Here are Renny Rent-A-Car we take pride in being able to speak American, British, Australian and Kiwi (we can also manage in Mandarin and Cantonese if we have to) – so if you want a “Sat Nav” with your car hire, we can provide that.  We can also provide a GPS unit to help you find your way around New Zealand in your minivan rental if that is something that you would like to have the convenience of.

Simply put, a Minivan Rental is the same thing as a People Mover Car Hire which is the same thing as an MPV Rental Car.  In all instances you will be driving a Toyota Estima or Nissan Elgrand minivan. They are wonderful vehicles for a whole lot of different reasons.  We have hired the Elgrands to sports teams – who were wowed by the amount of luggage space on offer when you have the whole eight person team in the car.  We have also rented Toyota Estimas to groups of four friends who liked the “captains seats” the seven seater version offered and the copious luggage space the cars had.

At the other end of the scale we have had three generation families (Mum & Dad, kids and grandparents) hiring a minivan for day trips to weddings, graduations, 100th Birthday Parties and also for extended road trips round the South Island.

Some of our people movers rentals also have tow-bars, so if you really have a LOT of luggage, we can help to arrange a luggage trailer for you as part of your car hire.

If you are in New Zealand renting a car for the first time – we’d like to emphasise that we LOVE questions about all aspects of renting a car for your holiday / trip.  If there is anything at all that you would like to know that a rental car company has any prospect at all of answering – please feel free to ask!

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