Budget 4WD Rental Cars



When we first started in the Rental Car business our speciality was budget priced SUV rentals targeted at fishermen, hunters and campers that needed a strong and capable car to get them to the right places.

Since then, we have expanded to a whole range of great cars, from small sub-compact rental cars, to executive hire cars and even minibus rentals!

However the 4WD rentals still hold a very special place in our hearts.  These cars are typically full size, 4WD SUVs. Some of them have the low end torque of diesels, along with selectable low range 4WD and locking diffs.

If you are going fishing in one of these off road hire cars – you will have no problem at all fitting in the Esky, Chilly Bin, Cool Box or Ice Box! We can even provide something to keep the beer cold as a part of your rental car if you wish.

If you are more into a spot of camping / sightseeing in a rental car, we can also offer bike racks as a part of the car hire.  Other options that can go with these full size 4WDs are GPS, to help you find you way about or Bluetooth radio receivers that will let you play your own music over the car stereo.

One thing that it would be important to take note of with a diesel 4WD rental car – the New Zealand Government charges ‘Road User Charges’ of $0.06 per km travelled.  This is because diesel is significantly cheaper than petrol in New Zealand. Those that are doing a lot of travelling in their rental car will often make some enjoyable savings on fuel – even after paying for the Road User Charges.

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