About Us

Renny Rent-A- Car has been hiring cars in Christchurch for more than 20 years. When we started, we were purely hiring 4WDs to fisherman to take fly fishing, and cheap cars for touring the South Island.

We were all about the simple pleasure of sending people away to enjoy the beauty and experiences that the rugged Te Wai Pounamou offers.

Since then we have grown incredibly – and a lot of this is due to a wonderful group of returning customers that we see year after year. We’ve matured, growing in strength and professionalism, our fleet has grown, been upgraded and expanded in the range of offerings. However, even with this growth, ‘the child is still the father of the man’. Our greatest asset is still our family of returning
customers. Their loyalty born out of the incredibly friendly enthusiasm of a warm family welcome when a rental car is needed.

As we’ve added different cars to our fleet – now offering everything from zero emissions, full electric Nissan Leafs to sweetly cute Mazda Demio subcompacts, across to family friendly Toyota Estimas and our reliable workhorses – the full size diesel 4WDs that started it all, we’ve maintained that same joy in sharing our captivating island with you in a rental car.

We offer a broad network of partners across New Zealand, allowing you “one way hires”, a fleet of more than 80 rental cars, a highly flexible booking engine that will let you book cars, update your car hire, compare prices and see all of our cars quickly easily and efficiently and not mention the strength and maturity that comes with 20 years of experience in the industry. In short – we offer the solidity of a major, nation-wide car rental agency with the friendly, enthusiastic and personal service of a family owned and operated business.

Our goal is to make your car hire experience Fun, Fast, Friendly and Convenient and our returning customers are testament to our success and customer focus.


At Renny Rent-A- Car we work hard to make your car-hire experience Fun, Fast, Friendly and convenient as we possibly can. In simple terms, you should treat your rental car as you would your own, and your responsibilities are the same as they would be in a car that you own. We’ve put together a bit of an overview here of the key points that govern your car rental agreement, and there is a comprehensive listing of all terms and conditions on your printed agreement.


The owner (Renny Rent-A- Car) will allow the hirer (you) to take and use the car, details of which are described in the Rental Agreement, for the term of hire as described in the Rental Document.


Only those who are named in the Rental Agreement may drive your rental vehicle. All drivers must hold a valid driver's licence appropriate for the vehicle while, and in compliance with the terms and conditions of their license while using the vehicle.

Renny Rent-A- Car offers additional drivers for FREE as a part of your rental car agreement – we encourage you to talk to us about who may possibly be driving the hire car so that we can add them to the agreement for your comfort and convenience.


The hirer agrees to pay the owner the amount specified in the Rental Agreement for the hire of the vehicle, including any additional “value added” services. The hirer also authorizes the owner to charge all amounts to the hirer's account that may become payable due to alterations in the hire period, including items such as parking infringements, tyre/puncture repairs, vehicle damage, windscreen chips or other related items.

The hirer also agrees to pay, at the end of the hire term, any applicable additional charges payable.

These include, but are not limited to:

 Per kilometre charges: for hires of 3 days or less, there is a daily allowance of 150km (unless
by prior arrangement) – additional km are chargeable at 25 cents per km.
 The cost of any petrol or other fuel if the vehicle is not returned full, in addition to a top-up
fee for any vehicle that is not full upon return
 Road User Charges
 Convenience fee for late returns
 Damage or Repair costs for any faults/damage caused by the hirer
 Cleaning Charges if the vehicle is excessively dirty or smells of smoke – this may include
spills, stains, vomit or similar items
 Parking or traffic infringements in addition to the appropriate administration charge for
processing of infringements.


Things you are NOT allowed to do:

 transport passengers for hire or reward
 rent (sublet) the car to anyone else
 lend the car to anyone else (i.e allow the car to be used outside your authority
 Drive or allow the car to be driven in a way that is against any of New Zealand’s traffic laws
 Use the car any sort of race, speed test, reliability trial, rally or contest, or operated on any race or rally circuit or in any event as a pacemaker
 Drive the car on anything other than approved/legal roads or ‘public access’ areas. (i.e no private off-roading)
 Drive the car on a surface or road that is likely to cause damage or harm to the car
 Permit people not named in the rental agreement to drive the car
 Transport any animal in the vehicle (with the exception of guide dogs for visually impaired people)
 Smoke or allow people to smoke in the car


In general, you should be treating the car in the same way that a ‘careful’ owner would be treating their own car, this would include

 Being careful (taking all reasonable care) when you drive or park the car
 Check the ‘oil and water’ in the car
 Only use the correct fuel type for the car
 Tyres are kept at the proper pressure
 Keep the car locked when it is parked / not in use, and keep the keys under your control
 Don’t make any changes/repairs to any part of the car, engine or transmission without our express written permission
 If a warning light comes on, or if you think any repairs are needed stop driving and let us know as soon as possible


To the best of our knowledge we’ll give you the car in a safe and roadworthy condition and up to the appropriate Certificate of Fitness Standard.

We also provide AA Roadside Assistance as part of your rental agreement and encourage you to take advantage of this


Let us know on 0800 354504 / 03 3585890 as soon as possible if there is an accident, or if the car is damaged, breaks down or requires repair or salvage no matter the cause.

Do NOT arrange or authorise any repairs or salvage without our express approval (this includes, but is not limited to, purchasing a replacement tyre) unless the repairs or salvage are immediately necessary to prevent further damage or harm to the car.

The AA Roadside Assistance is for “breakdown” or mechanical faults – if the fault is determined to be ‘driver error’ (eg: run out of fuel, lock keys in car, leaving lights on etc) then the AA may impose a charge for the callout.

If the car does need repairs and is not driveable, the supply of a replacement vehicle, and the nature of this vehicle is at our sole discretion.


Return the car to us at the time and location as per the rental agreement – unless with our express written permission to return to a different location.

If you don’t return the car on time, to the correct location we may report the car as stolen to the police and you will be liable to compensate us for either the full cost of the vehicle, or any additional costs and losses up to the time we get the car back.


You will be liable for

 Any damage to the vehicle, including its accessories or any loss of removable accessories

 Any additional cost we incur if the vehicle is damaged. Eg: salvage costs, income loss if we cannot rehire the car, any loss of, or damage to, vehicles and property of third parties, arising during the term of hire.


All or Renny Rent-A- Car vehicles come with comprehensive car insurance, with a standard excess for drivers over 25 of $2,000 + GST. Notwithstanding this, you are free to arrange your own additional insurance coverage or ‘excess payment’ travel insurance.

When you are using the vehicle in compliance with the terms of the rental agreement, your liability is capped at the amount of the insurance excess.

If the damage is excluded under our insurance, you will be liable for the full cost of any repairs or other items payable as a result of any damage or accident. Our insurance company shall be the sole arbiter of liability in this instance.


The sole arbiter of insurance exclusions shall be our insurance company, who will make the determination depending upon the circumstances of any accident or damage.

Some of the items which will cause insurance exclusions (cancellation of insurance coverage) will include, but are not limited to:

 Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
 If the car is in an unsafe/unroadworthy condition allowing that this condition arose during the course of the hire and ALSO that this condition caused or contributed to the damage AND that you were aware or should have been aware of the unsafe or unroadworthy condition of the car.
 Any breakdown or mechanical failure that arose because of improper use of the vehicle.
 If the car is being used for any “race”(speed test, reliability trial, rally or contest) or if the vehicles is being operated on a race track, rally circuit (permanent or temporary) or as any sort of pacemaker.
 If the car is being driven by any person NOT named in the rental agreement
 If the driver is unlicensed
 If you commit a traffic offence while driving the vehicle;
 If the vehicle is “overloaded” (i.e loaded in excess of manufacturer’s specifications)


You are liable for any traffic offences or parking tickets or similar infractions received while you are hiring the car. We reserve the right to charge your credit card for any traffic and/or parking offence infringement fees that you incur.

If we receive any tickets/infringements in relation to your hire, we will send (email) you a copy as soon as practicable.

You will be able to challenge, query or object to any alleged offence directly to the issuing enforcement authority

If we need to handle any infringement notices in relation to your hire (regardless of the outcome of any appeal or complaint) we reserve the right to charge an administrative fee of $50 per instance.

If you breach the terms and conditions of your rental agreement, we reserve the right to immediately cancel the hire and take immediate possession of the vehicle.


We only promise the “general classification” or “class” of hire car – We do not guarantee a specific make or model. The classification is at our discretion. If, due to unforeseen circumstances we cannot provide the class of vehicle booked, we reserve the right to substitute an “better” class at the same rate as the car you booked.


For the purposes of your hire, “days” are based on 24 hour periods from the time of pickup in your booking. This applies to any value added services or additional extras that are charged on a “per day” basis and no discount is offered for early return. If you return the vehicle later than the time specified in your agreement, this may potentially incur an extra days rental.


As a general practise, we do not take deposits, so in the event of a cancellation there is no “refund” PROVIDED always that the cancellation is made in accordance with our cancellation policy, namely:

 cancelled more than 7 days in advance of the booking there is no charge
 Less than seven days in advance – 10% of the hire of a full day’s rental, whichever is greater
 Less ONE day in advance / no show: the full rental cost a charge of a minimum 3 days hire or 50% of the booking, whichever is the greater, will be made.